Register in the StockCrowd systems

This is a brief guide that will help you to open an account of your organization in the production environment where you will work creating your campaigns.

Once the contract is signed, you will receive an email in your inbox, and you will have to follow some simple steps to register as a user and activate your organization's account within the software. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1 | Register as a user

You will receive the following message in your email.

Click on the continue button to take you to the next screen where you can fill in the user data.

The email you specify in this step will be the one that will serve as a user to access the software as soon as you are registered.

Step 2 | Activate your account.

Once completed, you will receive a new message at the email address you provided, with instructions for activating the account.

Click on "Activate your account now" to be able to set your access password.

Once your password is validated, you will reach the next step:

Step 3 | Register your organization.

Log in with your email and password and click on "Register your organization"

You will access a new screen where you will need to enter the requested data about the organization and where you will find the terms of use for the software.

*If you are not VAT registered, please input  your organization name (max 20 characters)
* the url must have the http: //

Access to the administration area next times:

We will begin to configure the campaign in the StockCrowd Administration Area which you can access through the link

To access you must:

1. Enter the previously created user: email and password
2. Select your organization

After making this double selection, the Administration Area will open and you can start creating your fundraising campaign