Prepare your Multi-Cause Campaign

A multi-cause landing is a page where you can group all your active crowdfunding or permanent donation campaigns, as well as your Peer-to-Peer campaigns, all in one place!

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1.-Access the Tab to Start the Configuration

.-Access our BackOffice. If this is the first multi-use landing you will be configuring, we recommend you test it first in the Sandbox.

.-Once you have accessed our BackOffice, go to the “Organization” tab (bottom-left button with the icon of 2 buildings).

.-Select the “Landing multi-causes” sub-tab.

Below, we illustrate steps 2 and 3:


2.-Start Configuring a Multi-Cause Landing

The first thing that you must do is create the different campaign(s) in our BackOffice. You can begin the multi-cause landing configuration and connect the different campaign(s) later; however, we recommend you start by creating the different campaign(s) and connecting each of them, if desired, to a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) campaign, so that they will appear connected on the multi-cause landing.

Once the different campaign(s) are created:

1. First, select the “Landing multi-causes” tab, then select the sub-tab named “New multi-cause landing”.


2. Once selected, a small window will open where you must enter the title you want to assign to the multi-cause landing. This title can be modified whenever you want.

Once the title has been entered, select the green “Save” button.

3.- The following screen will open:
Imagxx 1

*NOTE> All the parts where you see Spanish text can be re-write to english without any problem. We are working currently in the display translation.

4.- This screen is designed so that you can configure the multi-cause landing on the same landing. Scroll down, and you will have a global vision of the different sections of the landing.

After reviewing the overview, select the green icon with the two-wheel symbol located at the bottom-left of this page.

You will see that the first icon displayed is a question mark. After selecting this, the system will play a brief, animated explanation of the multi-cause landing, teaching you about each of the sections and showing you what information you must enter to complete it.

What do the other green icons located in the lower-right area of the landing mean?


Select this to replay the brief, guided explanation of how to set up the multi-cause landing.
Image 1
Select this to load the images you want to include in your multi-cause landing.
Imagen 13
Select this to display a responsive format.
Imaen 1
Select this to display a tablet format.
Imaaan 1
Select this to see how it will appear on a computer or laptop.
Select this to see how your campaign is looking overall. This option changes the “edit” function of the campaign, and the icon will be replaced by a pencil, allowing you to return to editing at any time.
Select this to return to the editing function.
Select this to download the HTML code and copy it to your website.