StockCrowd products.

There are 6 different types of campaigns on StockCrowd. Choosing one depends on the specific goals you want to achieve as an organization.

The 6 types of campaigns in StockCrowd:


Donation Form:

A Donation Form is a form of payment or signatures where donors can contribute to a specific cause.

They can function as pages to attract members, one-time or periodic donations, they can be used to collect signatures, etc.

Our donation tool allows you to customize and configure your donation forms on your website.

Donation Landing

Donation landing encourage people to contribute, join and participate in a project, cause etc.

With our software, before people see a donation or signature form, you can build a page to explain what they are going to contribute to. On these pages, images and texts can be used to show the impact donations will have.

Doing so helps people understand and support your cause.

Our platform allows you to build personalized and integrated crowdfunding landings in all your channels


Rewards Landing:

They work like the Donation landing, but it also allows you to add extra functionalities (offer something in exchange for your donation or buy a ticket as a donation...) that allow you to use them to create e-commerce pages, events, challenges and much more


Peer to Peer:

Peer to Peer (p2p) campaigns allow your community to raise funds on your behalf. On your p2p campaign page, donors can set up personal or team fundraising pages. They can then ask family and friends for donations to go to your organization.

Peer to Peer campaigns are a great way to expand your community.

They also empower donors who want to get more involved with your cause.

Project showcases:

StockCrowd offers you different ways to present your different causes.

Thus, being able to multiply their scope and impact by being able to group the entry to different projects under the same page


Present different projects in a way that your community can see how they advance and add together to a global cause.